Sunday, 25 June 2017

Camp touch

Touchdown! Monty, Zinzan and I are playing American Football,  Monty throws a  quick pass. Out of nowhere a  blurry figure catches the ball  with one hand.
We glance and realize it's Sarah. She asks “Do you want to play touch?” We look at each other, I look back.  “Sure.”

We start leaping to the dining room, open the door, take one big jump in and yell  “DOES ANYONE WANT TO PLAY TOUCH?” Everyone looks at us, from one side I hear a yes, from the other side I hear about 5 children yell yes. All of a sudden I hear loads of yeses.  We head over to the soccer field. I set up the teams and then it's kick off - the game started.

The ball flew in the air like an airplane,  I jump, the ball  flings hard into my chest.  I pass out wide to Zinzan, he starts doing tricks, he passes back, I do a little grubber, I start accelerating and pounce onto the ball - TRY!  

The teachers appear, we look, they have a frown on their face. They say to us “Guys, you guys have to go inside, it's getting too dark, but you can have a shower or just come inside” We look at each other and someone yells -
”Last one there has to have a shower outside in the rain.”   We all start running with laughter.  


Sunday, 2 April 2017


Beep beep beep my flight is about to leave. I get changed, grab my suitcase, and leave ready for my flight straight to the Amazon. On the plane I sleep. I feel something cold go down my shirt,  I shiver, I get up, the planes shaking. Wait - we just landed! 

I got a taxi “The Frontier Hotel please.”  The man starts driving, he turns onto a road surrounded by bush, he moves like he has a back pain.  “Argh pins and needles” moans the driver.  He starts wriggling, “Sorry mate you gonna go to another arrgh!” He screams, he's going crazy. The car slides off the road with only a green viny mess stopping it's fall. 

I check if he's alright, he's unconscious.  I check my phone, there's no reception, I need to get him some help! I look in my bag I only have a few supplies like a bottle of water, a lighter and a pocket knife.  I start walking around the jungle to find some help.  I come across little cabin it has baked beans, tubs of water, and two beds.  I drop my stuff and have a rest for the night.

In the morning I step outside into the freezing air and start walking.  I hear a noise bsh. I must've stepped on something. I try to lift my shoes but I can't, my shoe is stuck - nooooooo! I'm sinking. I try to crawl up but I just slip right back in. I yell “Help!” A man comes running down. He asks “Why are you out here alone?” I don't respond, he grabs a rope and pulls me out.

As he takes me to his home he asks “Why are you here?” I told him I was on a holi -wait a bubble pops in my head - I say out loud “The taxi driver!” He asks “What taxi driver?” I mumble to him about being in a car crash and the taxi driver is in the ditch and we need to save him.” The man makes a fast u turn and pushes on the accelerator.

We get to the crash sight, the driver’s hanging out the window, he’s dripping with blood.  We need to call the ambulance asap. ‘Weo, weo’. The ambulance zooms down they pick him up and go to the hospital straight away.

Beep beep beep ... I've been sitting for the last three hours beside the taxi driver as he lay in a coma.
Then I hear a screech, the door opens, a doctor walks out. He says “Your friend is very lucky, he has a faint pulse. He's really lucky that you were there, if you weren't there he wouldn't have survived.”